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The Sweet As Kangaroo Valley Story.

Welcome to Sweet As Kangaroo Valley!

The Powley Family 
Our Sweet As Kangaroo Valley™ story.


Our family farm, of some 45 yrs, was located in the tiny New South Wales
hamlet of Wattamolla, nestled between Berry & Kangaroo Valley.

Encircled by the ever-changing and beautiful landscape, the land is etched in our memories as a place of great natural beauty, with stunning rivers and creeks, dramatic cliffs, green valley views, resplendent rainforests, native flora and fauna, and fresh mountain air. 

The farm, named Gladstone after Melissa's great grandfather, was a special place; a place where we were all fortunate enough to gather many beautiful, treasured memories & experiences, shared over the years with family and friends. 

The connection to our farm, (which was sadly sold after Melissa's father passed away in 2011), and its surrounds, helped us form our vision for the Sweet As Kangaroo Valley brand: a way of paying homage to the beauty that is the valley and its surrounding areas.

Living and raising family in Sydney, there has always been a strong connection and yearning to return to the area. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to realise that dream. Kangaroo Valley - making our life a little sweeter.


Sweet As Kangaroo Valley™ has been a 'must-visit' destination for all things delicious and sweet for over 20 years. Sweet As Kangaroo Valley™ is a truly sweet experience. The lolly shop offers a wide range of sweets, confectionery, chocolate, gelato, fudge & gifts including our most recent inclusions - 

artisan ranges from:

Billson's Cordials, Pure Gelato, Morish Nuts & Nina's Chocolates.

At Sweet As Kangaroo Valley™, we endeavour to support small local artisan businesses where possible. We are also mindful of our packaging and reducing the footprint that we leave on our beautiful planet, introducing our biodegradable, bio cups and bio gel spoons and take home gelato tubs, helping to make your sweet experience even more enjoyable.

We look forward to making your 'every day' delicious!

The Sweet As Kangaroo Valley Team.