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Who doesn't love an Affogato?

The perfect Mother's Day dessert! It's super, easy, quick and absolutely delish. Make an Affogato at home for mum this Mother's Day.


You will need:

  • One dessert glass & spoon.
  • One shot of freshly brewed espresso coffee.
  • One large scoop of mum's favourite The Pines Gelato flavour - usually vanilla is used but you could add a twist with coffee or salted caramel.
  • One shot (30ml) of Mum's favourite liqueur ie Frangelico, Amaretto, Kahlua, Cointreau.


  • Scoop gelato into a chilled glass.
  • Pour 30ml of liqueur over gelato.
  • Top with hot espresso shot.
  • Place on plate with spoon.
  • Serve immediately.


Note: Serve with some biscotti on the side or for a more decadent treat - some wickedly delicious Woodstock Chocolate Bark, Truffles or some Sweet As Kangaroo Valley™ Chocolate Coated Freeze Dried Strawberries.


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